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                Steven Weiss: Forensic Investor Awareness Specialist



It all started in 1979 when Steven began his career in finance with CBS Television Stations where he first learned of his analytical talents whereby he moved up the corporate ranks. In 1992 Steven took the role as Director of International Finance for NYC based Universal Media where he collected over 1 million dollars from written off Chinese debts along with bringing the Companies days outstanding from 79 days to 38 days.During the early 1990's Steven became involved in the Micro Cap sector of the stock market as an individual investor and Consultant for Investor Relations for Companies that needed stock incubation through analytical Public Awareness. In 2000 Steven started his own career as a Investor Relations / Public Relations expert and continues to this day.Steven is famous as "forensic" IR expert with success in incubating Micro Cap Company's to the Investment community. Steven's motto is "to keep it short and sweet"  

Steven is a fan of Football, Baseball and Basketball and attends many Philadelphia 76ers and New York Mets games. Steven has been an avid fan of British R&B for over 50 yeas. He resides in Princeton NJ and is married with 3 Sons.


Steven Weiss was born in Brooklyn NYC and is the son of the late Stan Weiss a famous recording engineer of the 1960's and 1970's. Steven grew up in Strathmore NJ and attended Brookdale College.







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