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Keys to Success!

         Forensic writing for your Press  Releases 


No matter what sector of the market your Company represents, its vital to have the investment community read your News and while your an expert in your business sector you need to partner with an IR firm that is also an expert but in a different sector called Investor & Public Relations. Smart Public Company CEO's and their Staff must have and confide in outside expertise that bring Public Companies the most interest that the Market has to offer.Stock volume is the very key to show Wall Street that your Company has Investor interest.     


  • The very key to success for your stock price is getting the most from your Press Releases. Don't spend good money on PR's and get little to nothing in return. Contact Steve, he is an expert in turning your PR's into the eyes of both the Investor and Wall Street by adding and or subtracting certain Psychological key words that will automatically get read. 


  • Keeping sentences short is making sure that they have a straightforward structure, so that the thought flows steadily from the beginning to the end without darting off on little diversions or subsiding into parentheses that leave the reader struggling to remember what the core message of the sentence was when you eventually return to it. Technically sentences with an excessively convoluted structure are referred to as "left-embedded", from the appearance of their phrase-markers.



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