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Our team of professionals have a passion for unlocking the value of micro and small-cap companies. We believe the universe of publicly-traded companies encompasses unique stories that are largely underfollowed by Wall Street. Our role is to be the gateway for our clients to the individual and institutional investment community as they execute their business model and command a superior market valuation. As IR professionals, we have many years of experience telling the most complex stories in a very compelling way.


KSI represents clients based in the U.S. as well as international companies seeking increased exposure and visibility in the U.S. markets. For our global clients, we serve as a key liaison to the U.S. investment community and are able to provide access and responsiveness to investors on their own time zone. For an international company to be successful in the U.S. markets, they must provide the same level of access and transparency as their U.S-based counterparts. Regular and consistent visibility is critical in order to eliminate the concerns and perceived risks typically associated with international investments. KSI can serve as a trusted representative of your company here in the U.S. markets to assist with elevating your company and accessing the expansive investment dollars available to global companies

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